At Shipping Container Homes, quality design, environmental stewardship, and affordability are not conflicting ideas. We are committed to building a more sustainable future and protecting the great outdoors throughout all areas of our business. Our goal is to create spaces that enhance and expand your living space and add value to your home while embracing the idea that living smarter is better than living bigger.

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40sqm Flexible Design, Folding System Permanent House

An amazing 40sqm foldable ADU (granny flat, cabins) with a full-size bathroom, kitchen, appliances, and tall ceilings with big windows for under $30k. 

The affordable luxury lodge in a foldable house solution, completely fit in a 40’HQ container with the folding function. 70% finished in the factory, can be finished in 10 days after delivery to the site. Greatly reduced the shipping cost and local site works. To make everyone a home, suitable for young or retired couples, or singles. Living in a home-like this, 4 sets large area glass sliding doors make you feel in a sunroom. Or open all the sliding doors to make your home connect with nature. Shipping Container Homes Perth’s foldable house manufacturing technology is a truly mature product characterized by flexibility and innovative design and solution.

Based on our patented foldable technology, transportation, and building can be done in a very simple and convenient way, to save time, energy and unnecessary expenses. The foldable cabin is 70% finished in the factory before delivery, which the structure is completely assembled, wall panel, roof and ceiling, door and windows are installed, electric wiring and plumbing embedded.

Features of the house:

  • Floor coverage 4m×10m
  • 1 bedroom & living room 
  • Living room
  • Full featured kitchen, with high quality cabinet and cupboard. 
  • Full featured and tiled bathroom, with high quality fixtures and fittings l 3 sides Alum. glass sliding doors, tri-track
  • Dark style WPC wooden cladding vertical mounting with waterproof layer
  • Complete electric wiring, plumbing, sewage system and gas pipes embedded.
  • Different colours of exterior and interior for option.

Advantages of the foldable house:

  • Foldable sub-floor for quick fit out.
  • No-skilled workers needed
  • Finished within couple of days
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Reliable
  • Seismic and fire resistant
  • Insulated and safety
  • Portable