At Shipping Container Homes, quality design, environmental stewardship, and affordability are not conflicting ideas. We are committed to building a more sustainable future and protecting the great outdoors throughout all areas of our business. Our goal is to create spaces that enhance and expand your living space and add value to your home while embracing the idea that living smarter is better than living bigger.


What’s a ADU:

Accessory Dwelling Units is a fancy way of saying we are manufacturing homes differently !

  • We are not just modular housing
  • We are not just tiny Homes
  • We are Not just Kit Homes
  • We are not just Granny Flats
  • We are not just flats or Studios
  • Combine all of the above and you are getting the picture.


We enjoy a good challenge! A Granny Flat is more than a four-wall construction, and we encourage our team to go outside the (literal) box when designing one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with an unique granny flat that is suited to your specific needs and preferences.

We see our designs like a great piece of art and like the artist will never tell you what to see, but ask, what do you see.
The answer is always different. Some see an investment unit, some see it as a place to retire or relax and unwind.


We recognize that everyone’s demands and expectations are different, which is why we created Hived Granny Flats. We have yet to built two identical Granny Flats in our years of experience, from a little paint color adjustment to a complete bespoke re-design.